An analysis of different biography books about cs lewis

Blurbed as a full-length biography, it actually begins with Lewis's appointment as an Oxford don at the age of Current Issue.

An analysis of different biography books about cs lewis

A movie version of The Silver Chair was slated to hit theaters in the near future, with filming starting in the winter of Bruce Edwards writes that Don King is a superb and engaging researcher and writer, and stands as the leading expert on either side of the Atlantic on the poetry of Lewis… He has a careful editorial eye… contextualizing intelligence… and is an exemplary Lewis scholar. This is not a criticism: there should be a source for dates and places to be found, and this is that source. Indeed, McGrath may be justified in feeling that, since Lewis's life has already been so well covered by others, some of them rather better literary stylists than him, he should instead focus his energy on bringing something new to a familiar subject. Sibley's book was written in response to the film: it treats Jack and Joy more equally but in less detail. For now, though, you should know about these, which are also on sale. The criticisms are thoughtful, fair, and not uniformly laudatory. It opens with a page biography, followed by a 6-page chronology. For many readers, though, the events of his life will be the main interest. I said that I may not be alone, but that I think I take his work for granted. The editor, Walter Hooper, suggests there is value in seeing the day-to-day pattern of Lewis's life.

Griffin presents the rest of Lewis's life plus flashbacks in a series of short dramatized scenes with no linking material. What a fun idea — imagining a series of lunchtime chats with Jack himself. Most, though, I suspect, think of him as a scholar, a thinker, one schooled in rational argument, heady apologetics.

Cs lewis biography

Called to the Kilns? However, while many of his literary contemporaries and rivals have suffered a posthumous eclipse, Lewis's tales of Narnia, his works of Christian apologetics, and his aching reflection on grief continue to reach new generations of readers and sell more copies 50 years on from his death than they ever did when he was alive. He would go on to become renowned for his rich apologist texts, in which he explained his spiritual beliefs via platforms of logic and philosophy. Those curious about the true story of which Shadowlands is a fictionalization should read one of these books immediately. Lessons from Lewis the critic are valuable to those of us who love reading and to anyone who teachers, not just because of their content, but because of what they show us about the essential nature of teaching--we want to share what we love with others. It's Lewis's only acknowledged autobiography, but several of his other books have autobiographical elements, including The Pilgrim's Regress , an allegory of the road to Christianity that is, once its symbolism is penetrated, closer to what Surprised by Joy is often supposed to be; A Grief Observed , considered by many scholars an honest account of his feelings after Joy's death, though some believe it fictionalizes them; and various volumes of his letters. The editor, Walter Hooper, suggests there is value in seeing the day-to-day pattern of Lewis's life. The honor of crafting the foreword was given to David Downing from here in Central Pennsylvania. Because of the nature of much of Lewis' writing in favor of Christianity , many biographers have recast Lewis into an image favored by the biographer's own religious beliefs, so an American fundamentalist biographer ignores Lewis' smoking and drinking, and a British Anglican glosses over the fact that the two women who were Lewis' "life partners" were neither acceptable partners by the standards of Lewis' own I would recommend this biography as to anyone who wants to know more about C. A much better as well as more consistent diarist than his brother, W. Current Issue. Adults should not disdain children's nonfiction books: they can be fine sources for brief introductions to a topic. James T. For many readers, though, the events of his life will be the main interest.

The ten contributors to this collection are like experienced tour guides who show us what to look for when we arrive at these places so enrichingly traversed by Lewis. Less in that, though he covers key episodes familiar from other biographies, McGrath picks and chooses the details that suit his purpose of painting Lewis as a modern prophet.

More importantly, there are original essays here, thoughtful, interesting, important, even, for those who want to understand Dr.

c. s. lewis -- a life: eccentric genius, reluctant prophet
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