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During social interactions like events and parties, there is pollution of noise through the loud music that is being played to entertain people.

Sudden increases in volume can make sounds annoying - this is why sirens are so intrusive.

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Noise has adverse effects on people and the environment. The service is first rate, everyone is personable, friendly and happy! Effect of noise pollution on the health of humans and wildlife: Humans: Noise pollution can affect both the behaviour and health of humans.

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In the urban areas, we not only have sound that is produced at unnatural decibel levels, the sound is reflected from hard surfaces that form at every kind of angle.

Young kids, as well as students, must be encouraged to not to participate in the high noise pollution creating acts such as utilization of the high noise producing equipment, etc.

Then, our methods should help you to succeed.

Noise pollution essay 1000 words

Labels that indicate the noise levels of appliances and tools can help consumers avoid noisy products and choose quieter alternatives. If it does not happen reqularly, it may be termed as 'Nuisance' Scientists also believe that its not only humans who are affected. Admire the hummingbirds hustling for space on the feeders, spot the rare agouti that has made its home in our gardens, and perhaps glimpse a school of dolphins passing the bay. The issue of noise pollution has to be taken into consideration because it can result in serious consequences such as hearing disturbances and eventually hearing loss. Essay on Noise Pollution: Causes, Effects and Remedies — Essay 5 Words Introduction: Noise pollution, also called sound pollution is one of the most happening and most dangerous forms of pollution in the world. People require maximum concentration in order to enhance their productivity. Introduction The word "noise" is derived from the Latin word "nausea" meaning seasickness.
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