Proposal essay childhood obesity

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Unfortunately, the fast food outlets do not warn the society against taking too much of the calorie giving food. It is easy for anyone to avoid feeling guilty for what they are eating if the information is not in front of them, but if the information is right in front of their eyes there is no way of avoiding it.

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Lack of information concerning obesity or risk factors is assumed to expose the society to consuming foods that would lead to obesity. During my research, I personally have found that blood pressure levels often equate with low birth weight, body mass, maternal age, racial factors, childhood obesity, insulin levels, an elevated blood pressure during childhood, and a positive family history. People must be aware of what they are consuming if they ever want to become healthier. Shahidi, F. To prevent childhood obesity, children need support from the media, their parents, and their school. With parents engaging the children in physical exercise, the children would buy the idea of healthy lifestyle that they would pass to the generations ahead. While the cause of this is equivocal, and heredity may play a role, there are some contributing factors. There is need for the government to regulate food advertisement with a view of passing the right information to the target recipients. The change in trends of new obesity reported in the healthcare facilities is indicative that the society is changing its trends concerning lifestyle and foods. In response to this challenge, I will create a policy paper that persuades the government to regulate or make the cost of other classes of food affordable to the poor.

Physical activity: Health outcomes and importance for public health policy. They also suggest school nutritional education as a great way of reversing negative eating habits and inculcating better nutritional behavior among children.

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According to Lumeng , children pick their eating habits from their peers beginning from a very early age. According to Sinnot , childhood obesity has turned into a public health crisis. The ripple effect of the taxes will force the parents that give their children money for such food to consider alternative foods that the children will take Friedman and Schwartz, When families go out to eat, they rarely know every ingredient in the food they are consuming. Children would also want to live up to their dreams and achieve their best. The obesity policy should translate to the current prevalence climate. This research aims at establishing the role of poor eating habits in exposing children to obesity and overweight. This policy is all-inclusive because it involves the food companies and the respective bodies working together to reduce the spread of obesity in the society. The World Health Organization says that over million children globally are estimated to be suffering from obesity. Availing such information in the community level would make the society acknowledge the importance of dietary and lifestyle change. One of the major causes of obesity to be addressed is eating excess calories from energy rich foods.

The move to make health food accessible to the public would significantly change the prevalence of the disease. These include diseases like coronary issues and problems with respiratory system. A research performed in the U.

Proposal essay childhood obesity

Parents have a great role of influencing the social activities of the child. Like the tobacco alcohol advertisement, the food companies should flag the advertisement by illustrating the possible danger of the problem.

The parents and guardians should help in changing the sedentary behavior of their children. These challenges include threats to validity, specifically sampling, sample size, and integration phases Borrego, Douglas and Armelink, Teaching about health and then providing greasy, unhealthy foods will send a mixed message to the students.

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A considerable amount of literature associate obesity spread in the United States to the prevailing social economic factors and their impact on culture.

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Childhood obesity