Reason for high turnover rate of hospitality industry in china

But at the same time their payment are the lowest one. The reason of high staff turnover rate in hospitality industry By analysis the reasons that makes the high staff turnover rate in hospitality industry. Resources and Help High Turnover of College Graduates in Hotel Industry in China and Its Countermeasures Abstract: In order to meet the needs of ever-increasing business travelers and leisure travelers, more and more large hotels have been built across China, and Chinese government has been promoting tourism and hospitality education to provide a sufficient and qualified workforce for tourism and hospitality industry since s.

Use of personnel Invest more in the staff. Low payment Money has always been an important factors concerned by employees.

reasons for high labour turnover in the hospitality industry

Also, company should review the compensation and benefits regularly. Or too theoretical.

causes of employee turnover in hospitality industry

And turn down the high staff turnover rate in your company. One of the biggest challenges in China is high employee turnover, followed by low employee engagement.

The results indicate that there is an enormous amount of cost involved when losing and replacing an employee with college education, and it may cause service quality to decline and less repeat business.

effects of employee turnover in hospitality industry

What makes this situation happen?

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[PDF] Strategies for Low Employee Turnover in the Hotel Industry