The major effects of bottled water on our environment

Both are environmentally friendly, they pose almost no health risks and we can use them again and again.

effects of plastic water bottles on health

European authorities are alarmed and ask for further research, in order to determine how dangerous is that amount of plastic for human health. Tap water isn't perfect either because the purity varies depending on where you live, but the same could be said for bottled water.

Together, we can tackle this global plastic problem.

The major effects of bottled water on our environment

What countries are the biggest plastic polluters? This, in turn, means reducing our consumption of bottled water.

why are plastic water bottles bad

Of the three pillars of sustainability, the economic impacts of bottled water are perhaps the most evident to the consumer. Those who cannot afford to feed their children or provide healthcare, cannot afford the high costs of bottled water.

Biodegrading is when an object gets broken down digested by living organisms.

Negative effects of bottled water on the environment

It is estimated that there are 5 trillion pieces of plastic floating in our oceans, spanning everything from plastic wrappers to microplastics that are millimeters in size. That's how much in fossil fuels it took just to manufacture it! I drank out of the faucet every single day, or the garden hose in a pinch, and there was obviously nothing wrong with me other than mentally. Fight for plastic water bottle bans If San Francisco can ban the use of plastic water bottles, other cities can follow suit. It's forever free, and we only send good stuff. Together, we can tackle this global plastic problem. It covers an area now estimated to be twice the size of Texas and spans , square miles. Production of Plastic Bottles Requires Fossil Fuels One big problem with plastic, of course, is that its production requires the use of non-renewable fossil fuels. There is a prevalent belief that the environmental impacts of bottled water production and consumption are mitigated through recycling practices. Most plastic bottles are made from a plastic known as PET polyethylene terephthalate , which is produced using oil. This ambitious, although controversial project, has received criticism from scientists worried that it may harm marine life — the jury is still out whether this type of surface sweeping is effective and if it could remain a long-term solution. A number of organizations are hard at work trying to clean up our oceans. Raw materials like petroleum and gas have to be transported to plastic manufacturers to create the plastic resin, producing carbon emissions and expanding the water bottles carbon footprint in the process. Some respond that the amount would not be enough to meet demand.

One way to reduce our usage of bottled water is to use a reusable water bottle.

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Plastic Water Bottles Causing Flood of Harm to Our Environment.